Tuesday, April 10, 2007

check out the new links

To the right, I've added lots of new links to blogs and sites by lots of cool people. One is to the "mother blog" of the new CSU Writing Project Advanced Institute. Starting in a couple of weeks, we'll be conducting an online book club on various articles in Working toward Equity, a recent and terrific new publication by the Teacher Research Collaborative. In fact, the entire book is available for FREE download at this same location on the NWP website. If you can't take part in the Advanced Institute this summer, this would be a good way to participate vicariously and via comments if you're interested.

I'd also like to call your attention to my new baby--my little podcasting show called "This Project's Life," where I'm posting brief interviews with CSUWP members every other week or so. You'll also want to take a look at the rest of the our new website, including the new (and brief) videos of CSUWP members because they're a lot of fun.


Mrs. Pretz said...

Great blogs and great sites. Have had a great time reading and exploring. It is nice to know that I can attend although virtually this advanced institute.

Natalie said...

Since this blog belongs to one of my blogging "buddies" I guess I need to comment. I've not had time to do much exploring, but at least I've attended to the requirements. I look forward to seeing how this baby learns to walk, I imagine myself taking a few tumbles along the way for sure.

Cindy O-A said...

Keep checking out that AI blog. It's getting interesting!