Monday, October 15, 2007

take a look and give me some advice

I've started a new blog that the book club kids in Rebecca's and Beth's classes can participate in. "Can" being the operative word here. Not one kid has posted yet, though a few have participated in the little poll I created at the bottom.

Will you take a look at this and let me know of any suggestions you have for encouraging participation? You should know in advance that access is an issue (this may be the problem) because the district blocks comments on Blogger, though reading is possible. Many of Beth's kids don't have computer access at home either.

Here's the url:

(BTW, the "cd" part stands for "civil discourse")

I'd love to hear your ideas!


Natalie said...

I think maybe you're biggest issue is access - that's HUGE. But I also wondered if no one wanted to "go first" so I went ahead and added a comment. I really WOULD like to hear what these students have to say about these ideas.

Rebecca said...

I don't have any evidence to back this up (isn't that where teacher research begins), but I am suspicious that the forum for the blog feels like "school stuff" to them. It is a domain adults inhabit. It isn't their world like a My Space page or a Face Book page.

Besides, some of my students struggle to remember to complete assignments that I give daily reminders about and others are so overscheduled I'm not sure they've had the opportunity to speak to their parents in weeks.

I'll keep reminding them though. They all nodded in recognition when I mentioned it today, so maybe someone will wander onto the blog soon.

susan said...

The blog looks great,Cindy--and the comments posted here are fascinating to think about. Either way, you've inspired me. I started a book club for my son and some classmates when they were in 7th grade. It became such an important connection and time for them to use the books to work through the struggles and questions that arise in middle school. We met regularly for 2 years. Now, they are all in high school and we're wondering how to continue with all their crazy schedules. A blog format might be just the thing, especially since the use of this amazing social networking tool is not being used in their school at all. And I'd like them to have some experience with it! Thanks, as always!