Thursday, October 19, 2006

Check out the CO301D blogs and the K-12 online technology conference

Thanks to the patience and persistence of Bud Hunt, I was able to bumble my way through enough HTML code to add an aggregator to my right sidebar. If you're kind enough to visit, you should take a look at these blogs written by my students in the CO301D class I've been writing about here.

They've posted some interesting entries already, and I'm sure they'll make more. Check them out.

And while you're online, you should also consider checking in to the first annual K-12 online technology conference to be held over the next couple of weeks. Looks like Week 1 will focus on descriptions of how teachers are using technology in their classes as well as how-to's for using technology, period. Week 2 will cover how to use technology for your own professional development as well as tips for overcoming common obstacles to using technology in your classroom (e.g., computer access, filtering, district/parent concerns, etc.).

Bud will be "delivering" his keynote on Monday, and he always has interesting things to say. So check him out, too.


Theresa G said...

I found this site from Bud Hunt and took the liberty of posting some feedback to some of your students. As a curriculum coordinator in a small rural district who is trying to help her teachers make a great leap forward into this new technology, I love what you are having your students do. It will certainly equip them for the world they are about to enter. Congrats!

Greg Van Nest said...

Hey Cindy! I saw a link to your blog on Bud's blog recently and have been reading your blog now, too. Like Theresa, I also took the liberty of commenting on some of your students' blogs--many of them are asking great questions.

I'm trying to get blogging more both with my students at and blogging about my teaching myself at We'll see how it goes.